Hunting areas in Bulgaria.

Cazahuntingbg can provide you with more than 30 hunting areas, state-owned as well as private. They are located along the whole geography of Bulgaria.

Thanks to the nature and the diversity, our hunting areas are highly distinguished in between the most exciting hunting areas in the world.

Some european and world records belong to our hunting areas in Bulgaria. For instance, the world record for Wild cat and the world record for Wild boar. In our locations you can find very good exemplaries of Brown bears, Woves, Mouflons. Moreover there are Capercaillies which can reach up to 5kg.

Regarding the accommodation our hunting areas include individual and double rooms. Some of our hunting areas also have luxury apartments, spa, sauna, massages room, and cinema. Finally there is also a place for our most pretentious hunters as they may have exclusive needs.

According to your wishes and needs we provide assistance to find the most suitable hunting area for you. For instance if you are interested in a red deer trophy which has specific measure according the CIC scores´ system we will help you find the appropriate location.