Hunting in Bulgaria.

We offering big and small game hunting in Bulgaria, Russia, Asia, Spain. We can provide all the hunting games in these countries.

You can hunting in Bulgaria – Red deer (trophies between 7kg-14kg), Fallow deer (trophies between 2kg-5kg), Mouflon (,trophies between 60cm-95cm) Balkan chamois( buck trophy between 100 pnt- 115 pnt CIC), Capercaillie (3,5kg-5 kg), Wild boar (trophy between 18cm-27cm), Feral pigs, Roe deer (trophy between 250-600gr), Himalayan Thar, Barbary sheep, Wolf, Hare, Wood cock, Pheasant, Quail, Partridge.

In Russia we offering – Bear hunting (siberian bear, kamchatka bear, magadan bear), Snow sheep. Also Dagestan Tur and Kuban and Mid Caucasian Tur. Moose hunting, Capercaillie, Siberian roe deer and more..

In Spain – Monteria, Roe deer, Fallow deer, Red deer, Ibex.

In Kazakhstan – Maral hunting, Ibex, Siberian Roe deer.

In Kyrgysztan – Marco Polo, Ibex.

In Tadjikistan – Huge wild boar, Ibex, Marco Polo.

In Mongolia – Argali, Ibex, Maral, Wolf, Siberian roe deer.

Contact with us to prepare for you a personal offer.